BD People, Processes and Pipeline

People and the supporting processes are everything to winning new work… Do you have the right number of people, with superior credentials, structured properly? How are they incentivized? Should you utilize external resellers or full time employees or both? Are your capture processes robust with competitive Pwins? How “real” is your pipeline and has it been truly vetted?

Customer and Program Intelligence

It’s who you know… Through decades of experience we have assimilated comprehensive and recent personal contacts. From engineers, to supply chain, to PMs, to executives, we have relationships with all the Tier 1’s/OEMs as well as the Tier 2-4 suppliers that support them. We can provide insights into major programs – the competitive landscape, the acquisition plans, and the funding outlook.


A keen focus on aerospace and defense electronics, especially in the areas of RF/MW, power products, and space applications. What are the differentiated products in the market, where is the market headed, are there lurking disruptors, and how can a well-vetted R&D plan overcome the risks?


Strategy is too often a nebulous concept only thought about once per year… What do you want your company to look like in the future, why? How does this contrast with your competitors and the market? Do you have both the tactical and long-term game plan and resources to make this vision a reality? Is your BD and technology approach aligned with this strategy?


Sometimes 1 + 1 does equal 3… No business competes in a market in total isolation. How are you positioned in the industry? To what degree do you leverage other companies in chasing work? How do you structure a joint venture or IP license? How do you carve out work on an opportunity that brings differentiated value to the customer?


Strategy first, M&A second, so true… With a well thought out strategy, how can M&A be used to accelerate your vision? What are your gaps and needs, why are non-organic approaches right to fill them? Who are candidate targets, why, and how are they vetted? How will you best structure a deal and integrate these acquisitions?


We’ve received incredible leverage from Aerospace BD’s collective expertise and the partnership has greatly accelerated our ability to operate in the DoD RF/MW space with confidence. The learning curve would have been too steep if we’d gone it alone.
~ Corporate Strategy Director, $40B Public Industrial Technology Company


Aerospace BD has brought us enormous value by providing action-oriented go-to-market insights and strategies. They definitely offer a unique benefit compared to mainstream A&D consulting firms.
~ Tom Casale, Managing Director, Alaris mWAVE


I worked with the Aerospace BD team on two recent engagements, both of which required deep technical knowledge and well informed industry acumen. Having known Jeff and Dave for years, I can attest to their subject matter expertise and ability to create value for prospective clients.
~ Robert E. (Rob) Mullins, PhD,
Senior Managing Director, CSP Associates LLC

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